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Don't wait until you graduate to make your impact. Start discovering your future career path now.

The world of work

Enhancing your Employability

At LIS, we are dedicated to supporting and developing our students by providing the tools and opportunities they need to enhance their employability. These services include internships, dedicated 1:1 careers support, access to a range of workshops, as well as opportunities to interact with employers and outside organisations through guest talks, site visits and networking events.

Throughout your student journey, there will be multiple and continuous touch-points for you to plug into the world of work, engage with employers and outside organisations in meaningful ways, gain work experience, and develop an understanding of self in relation to a future career path.

Enhancing your emplyability at LIS

The LIS Network

Engaging with the LIS Network

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LIS Q&A 21st April

Engaging with the LIS Network

The LIS Network is a growing and active community of employers and organisations who are all committed to tackling complex problems.

At LIS, we want to give you the opportunity to develop your understanding of the world of work within the context of different industries and sectors. That’s why, during your time at LIS, you will have direct access and multiple opportunities to engage with this broad and diverse network. Organisations in the network will play a meaningful role in supporting students in their growth and development throughout their time at LIS and beyond.

Cassandra Stavrou - Founder of Propercorn

“I love the idea that LIS students will be working on solving real problems. They’ll be working collaboratively and that’s so important in disruptive companies”

James Darley - previously Director at Teach First

“What I'm looking for when I see graduate recruits in the future is not only academic excellence but softer skills and practical use of those skills.”

Paid internships

Build a professional network, experience working in different sectors and graduate ready to enter the world of work.

All students in good disciplinary standing will be eligible to apply for an annual paid internship brokered by
LIS through its network of employer organisations. These internships will take place following the end of the formal Academic Year and will typically be for a period of four to five weeks (or part-time equivalent) per year. Minimum earnings will be based on the London Living Wage.

Internships are not compulsory and do not bear any credit. However, students are encouraged to complete one internship each year to gain work experience across different sectors so they can discover the career path they may wish to pursue upon graduating from LIS.




Earn money to help alleviate your living costs
Build a professional network
Develop an understanding of the world of work and future career paths
Position yourself for employment beyond your studies

Beyond Internships

We have built a full programme of activities so you can enhance your employability prospects.

Ongoing Support

All students will receive ongoing support throughout the year and access to our Careers Services. This team will coach students so they leave with the tools they need when entering the workplace such as CV writing, interview technique, and career support.

Future Selves Workshop

All students will be able to attend a range of professional development workshops in topics such as goal setting & decision making, persuasion and negotiation, CV writing & job applications, how to write a business plan, interview training etc. These non-compulsory workshops will be offered every 2-4 weeks throughout the academic year.

Building your network beyond graduation

Students will have the opportunity to develop their own professional network through close engagement with employers and organisations during their time at LIS. Members of the LIS alumni will remain part of the LIS community for life, having continuous access to LIS’ network.

Site visits and Guest talks

During the year, students will have the opportunity to attend site visits to see an organisation in action. LIS will also host guest talks with professionals so students can understand specific challenges an organisation is facing.