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Interdisciplinary Problems & Methods (Bachelors)

Real-world experience

Putting your learnings to work

At LIS, we've designed our entire programme so that it's integrated with the real-world, right from the start.

Leading organisations, like Virgin and the Met Police, have helped set specific problems for the course. Not only this, but LIS lecturers and external experts, including academic and industry specialists, are working with us to understand the relevant parts of their individual disciplines.

This meeting of minds between start-ups, charities, government, business, and academia, is allowing us to create a world-class programme that will give our students the skills and experience they need for the modern world.

We're adding new organisations to our partner network all the time. Stay tuned...

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Work Placements

We want to give you the chance to put your learnings into action. Each year, you will complete structured work placements with some of the UK’s most prestigious employers and exciting start-ups.

You’ll help these organisations improve their impact on society, gain an idea of where you want to focus, build a network across a range of sectors - and get paid while doing it.

Paid work placements - earn while you learn (upwards of £2k per year)

Opportunity to complete a range of different work placements whilst you study

Work with some of the UK's most prestigious employers and exciting start-ups

Employer Partner — Propercorn

“I love the idea that LIS students will be working on solving real problems. They'll be working collaboratively and that's so important in disruptive companies"

James Darley — Director of Teach First

"What I’m looking for in graduate recruits in the future is not only academic excellence, but softer skills, and practical use of those skills."

Working across sectors

Students will have the opportunity to work across a wide range of different sectors.


Food & Drink








Public Sector



Work Placement Types


Our employment partners face challenges on a day-to-day basis. Partners may commission either an individual or team of LIS students to help tackle a specific problem they’re facing.

How this works in practice:

  • Projects can either be taken on by an individual or group of students
  • Are usually remote and part-time
  • Spread across a number of weeks

Students will work with tutors to ensure that their workload is manageable and academic requirements are balanced with any placement requirements.


These placements are similar to a traditional type of internship. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside regular employees and put their learnings to work in the workplace.

How this works in practice:

  • A full-time commitment
  • For a period of five weeks or more
  • Students will be embedded within an employer organisation for the duration of the placement

These placements will usually take place at the end of the third term of the academic year (spring/early summer).

Working with our partners

Your work with partners will extend beyond work placements. We have built a full programme of activities so you can engage with the partner network on multiple levels.

Ongoing support

All students will receive ongoing support throughout the year and access to our Professional Development Team. This team will coach students so they leave with the tools they need when entering the workplace such as CV writing, interview technique, and career support.

Personal development

Each student will have a professional development mentor (PDM). The PDM will offer pre-placement advice, coaching and preparation. Whilst a student is completing a placement, the PDM will be the first point of contact and will conduct regular check-ins to ensure students are supported. On completion, students will share direct feedback with their mentor.

Site visits

Students will have the opportunity to visit partner sites (offices, individual project sites etc.) to increase and inform their awareness of the sector and how specific functions within the partner organisation operate (e.g. marketing, finance, operations, strategy etc.).

Guest talks

Partner organisations will be invited to speak as experts either inside the classroom and outside at LIS hosted events. This will allow students to engage with the broader partner network. These events will also further a student's understanding of the world of work and some of the specific challenges an organisation is facing.