Undergraduate programme

A groundbreaking undergraduate degree

Bachelor of Arts & Sciences

Once our Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) degree is formally approved you will be able to apply to join our 2020 cohort. By learning through real-world challenges, you’ll acquire methods, build networks, and gain the practical experience that ensures you stand out.

The programme

The framework for the course is simple - start with a problem, break it down to identify and learn the different types of knowledge you’ll need and then learn the methods which mean you can take action.


We’ve asked top academics and industry experts to select the parts of their discipline which they think every LIS student needs to know. We’ve used this to curate a curriculum that spans the arts and sciences.


To become outstanding at tackling complex problems, you’ll need practice. So, we’ve designed a learning experience which forces you to bring different bits of knowledge together. Faced with real problems, you will be supported to create real products and solutions for authentic audiences.


Our employer partners contribute to the design of our curriculum and provide real world problems. But they’ll also give you access to state of the art space and industry experts who are at the cutting edge in their field. This means you’ll learn from leading practitioners as well as top academics.

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Paid work placements

Paid work placements are a key part of our undergraduate programme. The most important thing that employers want from you, is to be workplace ready. Every day, they’re wrestling with complex problems, such as how to be more sustainable, more diverse, train the next generation of workers, harness the transformative power of AI - the list goes on.

LIS will play a much more active role in these placements than universities normally do, helping the companies define the problem, tracking your learning goals and development and ultimately ensuring value on both sides.

Here's what you could study

Understanding the world

  • Humanity through time and space
  • Frontier technology
  • Capital Incentives
  • The Physical World

Methods to change the world

  • Critical Analysis
  • Creativity & Ideation
  • Complex Systems
  • Strategy & judgement

Amplifying your impact

  • Productivity and performance

  • Collaboration and exchange

  • Influencing outside audiences

Things are developing quickly at LIS, stay tuned for further updates