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The Future of Learning

Continuing to provide a transformational learning experience shaped by what we’ve learned from COVID-19.

A new learning environment

The world of work is changing. We are more interconnected than ever before. Remote working has enabled us to stay connected and work together across time zones, over distance, and through a global pandemic. Online learning has taken giant leaps forward – the use of multimedia, open resources, and new technologies allow for greater student choice and control, anytime/anywhere learning, and better access to the universe of knowledge that waits at our fingertips.

LIS - working remotely

The power of online

The internet has helped us organise knowledge in a new way, from taxonomies to networks. Rather than picking away at subjects in the confines of a library corridor, the internet allows us to connect disciplines and pillars of knowledge in new and exciting ways. A lot of this is down to open source resources, and we'll be showing you how to make the most of them.

Dedicated to designing for the future

We have a team dedicated to the delivery of a learning experience that prepares LIS graduates for the modern workplace. This team includes entrepreneurs who have scaled fast growth digital start-ups, educationalists specialised in the design and delivery of both the online and offline teaching experience, and academics who have joined us from world-class institutions. Teaching is a learning process. And a process that, as an institution, we will continue to iterate, and embrace change where needed.

We recently ran an online programme to learn how teaching methods may adapt in a new era of education, in which more remote learning and online collaboration are becoming the new norm. We hosted participants from all over the world, including Colombia, Sweden, South Korea, the United States, France, Germany, Mexico, India, and the UK. During the space of five short weeks, we delivered two virtual gallery exhibitions and collaborated across mediums, using a wide range of digital tools.

Teaching is a learning process. And a process that, as an institution, we will continue to iterate, and embrace change where needed.

The LIS learning experience

At LIS, we’ll use online learning where it works best — for lectures, workshops, and interactive coding groups. But where meeting face-to-face is more valuable — for example for practical learning, one-to-ones, and small group teaching — we will always endeavour to make it happen.

Our physical site will be an important hub for you to learn and socialise together. We don’t know what the world will bring us in 2021, or what restrictions will be in place; but we’re committed to giving you an excellent and safe educational experience that brings together the best of online and face-to-face teaching and learning.

LIS students working at a coffee shop

What does this mean in practice?

We’ll always follow government guidelines.
We’ll deliver meaningful face-to-face teaching wherever it can be conducted safely within these guidelines.
Our social, wellbeing and, careers offering will be delivered face-to-face wherever possible, with excellent online contingencies in place.
If you’re ill or shielding, you won’t miss out on any aspect of the student experience - there will always be an online option.
We’ll ensure we communicate with you in a clear, transparent, and timely way if/when government guidance changes while you’re studying. We’ll make sure you’re kept up to date on any changes to our provision, the availability of our facilities, and what’s expected of you.
Beyond internships at LIS

We’re excited for you to join us in a new way of teaching and learning that will combine the strengths of the old and new, and will ensure that when you step out of LIS into a new world, you’ll be ready.