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Meet the LIS Team

LIS is building a new university that prepares students to tackle the most important and complex problems.

A team of polymaths

The LIS team are a unique combination of leading academics; entrepreneurs who have built transformational businesses; and educationalists who have deep expertise in the science of learning, and experience of establishing new institutions. LIS and its interdisciplinary programme is a product of these powerful collaborations.


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The Team

Alfonso Borragan

Curriculum Adviser

Alfonso is a multidisciplinary artist. His practice is articulated between research, teaching and production. His work has been described as a vague momentum, the critical moment in which the generation of images happen. He is currently a lecturer in Arts and Science at the University College London and PhD candidate at the Slade School of Arts.

Dr Amelia Peterson


Amelia - Faculty - LIS

Amelia is a social scientist with a background in policy and consulting. Amelia studies education reforms and their relationship to social, geographic and labour market inequalities. Prior to LIS, Amelia was an LSE Fellow in Social Policy. She has also taught and supervised students at the University of Bristol and at Harvard, where she received her PhD.

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Andrew Mullinger

Board member

Andrew Mullinger - LIS

Andrew grew Funding Circle (UK Fintech unicorn) from an idea into the largest and fastest-growing small business loan marketplace in the world. Andrew helped build out and lead the company's operations before focusing on risk management. He is now a trustee at Big Education MAT and AskIf.

Dr Ash Brockwell


Ash - Faculty - LIS

Ash is an artist, writer, and consultant. Ash holds a masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a second masters in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Kent. He holds a PhD in Education for Sustainability from Wageningen University and Research Centre in The Netherlands. 

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Dr Bronwyn Tarr


Bronwyn - Faculty - LIS

Bronwyn is a human behavioural scientist interested in the evolution of social behaviours, particularly music and dance. Bronwyn completed her DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford, where she has continued her research in evolutionary anthropology and psychology.

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Prof. Carl Gombrich

Academic Lead and Director of Teaching & Learning

LIS - Carl Gombrich - Lead Academic

Carl leads on curriculum design, teaching, and learning. Carl was a Professorial Teaching Fellow of Interdisciplinary Education at UCL and is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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Chris Persson


Chris has co-founded several digital start-ups including Bookatable. Prior to this, he worked for BTS, the executive education consultancy group. Chris is an Advisory Board Member at youth charity Big Change, a mentor at Seedcamp and Singularity University SU Labs, and part of the Founders Network.

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Daisy Christodoulou

Curriculum Adviser

LIS - Daisy Christodoulou, Curriculum Advisor

Daisy studied at Warwick before becoming a secondary school teacher. She is now Director of Education at No More Marking. Prior to this, Daisy was head of education research at the charity Ark, where she continues to be involved as an advisor. In 2017, she was named by Anthony Sheldon as one of “The 20 most influential figures in British Education” and was awarded an MBE in 2020.

Dr Ebrahim Patel


Ebrahim - LIS - Faculty

Ebrahim is an applied mathematician who holds an MMath and PhD from the University of Manchester, both in Mathematics. He is especially interested in the mathematics of complex systems and human behaviour. Ebrahim co-founded The Bees, an award-winning writing group which promotes the understanding and enjoyment of mathematical techniques.

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Ed Fidoe

Chief Executive

Ed Fidoe - LIS

Ed co-founded School 21, an innovative 4 - 18 school in Stratford, East London (achieved Outstanding Ofsted in 2014). He has advised leaders at Cambridge University, the London School of Economics along with schools exploring new ways of teaching. Prior to founding School 21 Ed worked at McKinsey & Co and ran a theatre production company. 

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Dr Haibo E

Curriculum Adviser

Haibo - LIS - Curriculum Adviser

Haibo has a PhD from Oxford in Materials Science, as well as a BA and MSci from Cambridge in Computer Science and Physics. Haibo has worked at DeepMind as a Research Scientist in the Ethics & Society unit and at McKinsey & Co in digital and organisational strategy. She has set up two non-profits and consults regularly in technology, AI, ethics, education and skills.

Hannah Kohler

Strategy & Special Projects

LIS - Hannah Kohler

Hannah is an award-winning author of The Outside Lands. Formerly at Channel 4, Hannah worked in television for several years, and prior to this was at McKinsey. Hannah holds a degree in American Literature from Cambridge, and an MBA from the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Imogen Pemberton

School Outreach Manager

Imogen Pemberton - LIS

Imogen holds a Theology degree from the University of Bristol. After graduating, Imogen joined Teach First as a religious studies teacher. She then moved into the charity sector as part of the founding team of The Student View, a charity aimed at improving media literacy amongst young people.

Isaiah Wellington-Lynn

Curriculum Adviser

Isaiah - LIS - Curriculum Adviser

Isaiah is a designer who holds a BSc in Anthropology from UCL and was a visiting undergraduate to Harvard. He has further academic interests in computer science - and everything in between. Isaiah is passionate about positive mental health, inclusive design, social mobility, and education, and has worked with a range of organisations including Airbnb and J.P. Morgan.

Dr James Carney


James - Faculty - LIS

Before coming to LIS, James worked in various academic positions across the UK and Ireland. He is currently concluding an appointment as a Wellcome Trust Fellow at Brunel University London, where he used methods from machine learning and experimental psychology to establish the therapeutic impact of fiction on anxiety and depression.

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Janine White

School Outreach & Student Support Manager

Janine White - LIS - School Engagement

Janine holds a BA in History and German from Rutgers University and a Master's in International Affairs from Columbia University. She has held various roles in the education sector at universities and charities in the US and the UK. A graduate of the On Purpose programme, Janine is also a qualified yoga instructor and teaches children, adults, and families.

Jasper Joyce

Director of Professional Development

Jasper Joyce - LIS

Jasper is a former strategy consultant who has supported a range of social impact organisations across several sectors (e.g. education, healthcare, social care). He has worked with a number of new and established higher education initiatives, including advising some of the world's leading universities. Jasper holds a BA from Cambridge University.

Kenan Malik

Board member

Kenan Malick - LIS Board

Kenan Malik is a distinguished writer, lecturer, and broadcaster writing on science and politics. Kenan has written and presented a number of radio and TV documentaries (Radio 4 and Channel 4) and is a columnist for the Observer.

Kristen Stockdale

Marketing Associate

Kristen holds a BA in Philosophy from UCL (2017) and an MSc from LSE's department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method (2019). During her studies, Kristen volunteered regularly at The Children's Hospital School (based at Great Ormond Street, University College London Hospital, and the Macmillan Cancer Centre).

Maria Madero


Maria - Faculty - LIS

Maria is an artist, curator, and translator who has exhibited in numerous cities including Los Angeles, London, and Vienna. She has an MA in Art (Sculpture) from the Slade School of Fine Art, a further MA in Philosophy and Critical Theory from Kingston, and is currently doing a Phd in Philosophy and Art from EGS Switzerland.

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Marielle van der Meer

Director of Careers and Networks

Marielle van der Meer - LIS

Marielle has over 15 years of experience in international HE across sectors and continents and a relentless passion for transforming education. Prior to joining LIS, Marielle helped launch and grow Minerva Schools at KGI (USA) and the African Leadership University (Mauritius & Rwanda).

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Mary Curnock-Cook

Board member

Mary Curnock Cook - LIS

From 2010-2017, Mary was Chief Executive of UCAS. Earlier in her career, Mary held executive and non-executive positions in the education, hospitality, food and biotech sectors.

Dr Mattia Gallotti


Mattia is an academic philosopher with a background in the social sciences. After reading economics and philosophy at Bocconi University and the London School of Economics, Mattia completed a PhD at the University of Exeter. Before joining LIS, Mattia lectured on the philosophy of the social sciences at LSE and led on the academic management of The Human Mind Project.

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Dr Michael Englard


Dr Michael Englard - LIS - Registrar

Following a longstanding interest in Access and Widening Participation, Michael co-founded Causeway Education. Michael also served as a Director of Studies at The University of Cambridge. Michael holds a bachelor's degree, masters degree, and PhD - all in English literature - also from the University of Cambridge.

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Nepor Ngobeh


Nepor Ngobeh - LIS - Design

Nepor holds a degree in Multimedia Technology and Design from Brunel University. While at university, she completed her placement year as a graphic designer at the design agency ASG Spark! where she worked mainly on creative for Disney Benelux. Before joining LIS, Nepor worked for the magazine publisher H20.

Dr Nigel Warburton


Nigel - Faculty - LIS

Nigel is a philosopher, podcaster, and writer described by Julian Baggini as 'one of the most-read popular philosophers of our time'. He is the interviewer for the podcast series Philosophy Bites. He has led many courses on philosophy and art at Tate Modern and is a Consultant Senior Editor for the online magazine Aeon.

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Plum Turner

Director of Marketing & Recruitment

Plum Turner - LIS

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Plum worked in financial PR before joining the founding team that helped launch and grow Oppo Brothers, the healthy dessert company. Before joining LIS, Plum left Oppo to co-found and run her own sustainable shoe business, Two Degrees.

Dr Priya Lall


Priya - Faculty - LIS

Priya is a social epidemiologist whose work has promoted social justice causes in developing countries. Some of these causes include access to healthcare for marginalised groups and the provision of water and sanitation. Priya has previously lectured on research methods, health, and environmental change and is keen to challenge and share insights with other learners.

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Rosy Head

Curriculum Adviser

Rosy - Faculty - LIS

Rosy is an interdisciplinary strategist who has spent 15 years exploring near futures as an educator, artist and problem solver. She ran a Critical Design and Speculative Futures studio at the RCA, and has led major projects with senior executives at Nike, Leicester City Football Club and Samsung.

Tim Davey

Curriculum Design

LIS - Tim Davey - Curriculum Design

Tim holds a degree in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College. He co-founded his first venture backed business at 19, becoming one of the youngest founders ever accepted into the y-combinator programme. Tim was Imperial’s Entrepreneur in Residence between 2017-2018 and is an active member of the Big Change & Privacy International advisory boards.

Waqās Ahmed

Curriculum Adviser

Waqas - Faculty - LIS

Waqās is author of The Polymath (Wiley 2019) and founder of the DaVinci Network. His interest in polymathy and cognitive flexibility derives from his own diverse background: he holds a BSc in Development Economics (SOAS), postgraduate degrees in International History (LSE) and Neuroscience (King's College London) as well as professional careers in diplomatic journalism and visual art.

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