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Student Life

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Fast-paced, intensive and fun - craft a new student experience and pave the way for future polymaths.

The LIS Student Experience

We know there’s more to life than studying and that a lot of what you’ll get out of your time at LIS will happen outside the classroom. This is your opportunity to help craft a stand-out student experience, not only for your own cohort but also for future cohorts. We want to help you meet like-minded people, play sports, produce plays, and pursue your passions. Get involved. Take the lead.

London is your campus

We're building a university together, it's ours to shape. It'll be fast-paced and challenging - a unique opportunity that will set you apart. You’ll be immersed in the capital city as we link you to the best that London has to offer.

Student Life at LIS

LIS - Life In London

Student accommodation

We know that where students live will play a key role in their wellbeing. Feeling safe, secure and comfortable at home will enable you to arrive on campus ready to learn and make the most of your educational experience.

Whether you chose to live in student accommodation organised through external providers, private housing or commute from home, we will work hard to build a strong sense of community and belonging for all students.

Your wellbeing

We know that starting a degree is a big life transition. We want to make sure you have the support you need – whether it’s help on academic, personal, or career issues. That’s why, when you enrol at LIS, you’ll be assigned three named advisors – your academic tutor, your welfare advisor, and your career mentor. 

You’ll meet each of these advisors one-to-one several times throughout the academic year. They’ll support your learning, your personal development, and prepare you to enter the world of work. 

Support Pillars

Academic Tutor+

Your Academic Tutor will be a member of the teaching faculty. Wherever possible, they’ll be your tutor for the length of the three-year programme. Your Academic Tutor will oversee and support your learning. You’ll normally meet them one or twice a term, but can contact them any time by email and arrange to meet them during office hours.

Welfare Advisor+

Your Welfare Advisor will listen to you and provide you with advice, guidance and support on any difficulty you may have - whether it’s financial worries, stress, friendship problems, or practical difficulties balancing your work with other commitments. Your Welfare Advisor can connect you to other services, such as counselling, financial advice, personal development workshops, and local NHS services.

Career Mentor+

Your Career Mentor will support you in defining your career goals and developing your professional skills and networks. They’ll be your guide and advisor as you navigate the transition from higher education into the world of work. You’ll have regular meetings with your Career Mentor from the outset of your time at LIS, giving you the opportunity to explore your professional aspirations from your first year of study.

LIS - working remotely


It remains a possibility that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue into 2021/22 and impact on the overall LIS experience. Given this, we are investing in developing contingency to deliver our academic programme and broader student proposition remotely, should this be required. Our faculty includes individuals with a range of proven expertise in digital delivery across multiple media, and we are confident that, should teaching have to move online, we are well-equipped to deliver an excellent learning experience. We shall be monitoring COVID-related risks and developing further contingencies over the coming months.