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School Visits

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Sixth Form

  • LIS Michael Englard visiting the Royal Hospital School

    Fantastic to have Dr Michael Englard visit to talk to some of our Sixth Form students. Problem-solving and interdisciplinary work is becoming ever-important in a rapidly changing world.

    Matthew Routledge, RHS

  • LIS Michael Englard Chigwell School visit

    With the variety of industry experience available, students will be developing the soft skills industry requires, thus making them more employable than having a single subject degree.

    Sam Barnsley, William Perkin

Booking a session

We can create bespoke content based on the session you would like us to deliver for your students.

Group workshop

During this session, students will choose a real-world problem that they care about. A member of the core team will then use our interdisciplinary approach to show why it is important to look through multiple lenses when tackling the problem.

We will draw on the sciences, arts and humanities during this session so the content will be applicable to students across multiple subject disciplines.


We will go beyond simply delivering a talk on the LIS programme. We will share valuable insights into the wider university landscape to help facilitate and support your students through the application process.

We will give tips on writing personal statements whilst also discussing the future of work and skills for 2050. The content can be used for further discussion in the classroom.