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The Week in Good News (28/06)

2nd July

Posted by Kiran Momi

Take a look at this lamp thats been 3D-printed from the peel of three oranges, and is entirely compostable. The lamp should smell like oranges, but it’s more reminiscent of chocolate-orange cookies. Find out more>> 

An Australian farmer is rescuing lambs that have been abandoned by their mothers, and nursing them back to health. In an effort to bring a little joy, she’s also been dressing them in lamb sized snuggly jumpers. Find out more >> 

NASA’s Mars Rover has stopped off on the Jezero Crater for signs of ancient life. The views that the Rover has captured of layered rocks and sand dunes are a reminder of the countless landscapes that are yet to be explored on the Red Planet. Find out more >> 

Turmeric shot anyone? Take a look at Inverse’s series on which superfoods might just give you the natural boost you need to power through your exams this summer. Find out more>> 

MarinaTex is trying to get a bioplastic film made using by-products of the fishing industry to replace single use plastics. Lucy Hughes taught herself the chemistry needed to make the material, and created the bioplastic in her student flat. Find out more>> 

The New York historical society is welcoming the city’s first LGBTQ+ history museum. The project arose from a group of local activists who hope to record, integrateand celebrate this history. Find out more>> 

Drones are becoming a force for innovation in international development. More recently, theyve been used to obtain data to conserve recourses, prevent overfishing, and are being deployed to quickly flyin medical resources in emergencies. Find out more>>  

London’s population might increase this summer as a number of beavers are being released into the city as part of an effort to bring nature into urban areas. Citizen Zoo, the rewilding group, has also recently released 200 water voles into Richmond. Find out more>>