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The Week In Good News (21/09)

25th September

Posted by Nepor Ngobeh

Did you know that there are different ways that birds communicate? Find out more about the ways that birds talk each other including drumming on tree trunks with small branches to attract their mate. Read more>>

Researchers at Harvard have created a biocompatible material that can remember its shape even when stimuli are applied to it. The material is made out of wool and is also eco-friendly. Read more>>

Morrama has come up with a new design that can improve the mobile phone cycle. They have created a way to redesign your phone so that they can be replaced or upgraded so that you won’t have to buy a new phone again. Read more>>

A group of experts explain the connection between video games and medicine. Games are being used to create engaging content to educate young people about different public health matters such as the Coronavirus. Read more>>

A company in Japan has just revealed a 60 foot robot that can walk around on its own and can even do a power stance! Read more>>

Scientists have made another fascinating discovery; the first ever aurora was found on a celestial object excluding moons and planets. This new revelation can help scientists protect satellites and space craft from solar radiation. Read more>>

Copenhagen plans on becoming the first carbon neutral city by 2025. Their new set of standards are an great inspiration to other smart cities. Read more>>