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The Week in Good News (21/06)

25th June

Posted by Kiran Momi

A start up in Berlin, Made of Air, has developed a material made of farm and forest waste that sequesters carbon. It can be used for anything from accessories to transport. Carbon negative sunglasses anyone? Find out more >> 

Calling all aspiring polymaths! Have a read of this very comprehensive case for why a virtuous mix of a range of disciplines might be the answer to both thriving in the modern world, and being successful. Find out more >> 

DeepMind (Google’s AI lab) is using machine learning to cure neuro-degenerative and tropical diseases in the developing world. Using AI called AlphaFold, they might be able to predict the structure of proteins and investigate what drugs could be designed to bind to that protein. Find out more >> 

Care to relocate to Mars? NASA has found that humans can survive for a day on Mars, which has led to the exciting prospect of a future where humans might inhabit multiple planets. Find out more >> 

Take a look at this collective of black creatives who just got eight hundred companies to honour Juneteenth. Hella Creative is a group made up of professionals and artists, creating space for both community and impact. Find out more>> 

From abstract pieces of artwork to surreal metaphors. Have a browse of twenty-five outstanding winners of the International Siena Creative Photography Awards. Find out more >> 

Animal Asia (a Hong Kong based charity) has successfully campaigned for two bears, Sugar and Spice, to be released from a circus into a holistic sanctuary in Vietnam. Forming part of a group called The Spice Girls, the bears are known for their fiery personalities. Find out more >>