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The Week in Good News (19/04)

22nd April

Posted by Nepor Ngobeh

French design students are using discarded chewing gum to create recycled plastic skateboards wheels and have plans to partner with major brands to help reduce industrial waste. Read more here>>

A start-up in Uganda is using banana waste to create eco-friendly products such as textiles, carpets and hair extensions. Read more here>>

A Colombian start-up has developed a way to use salt water to generate clean electricity. This is in effort to help provide power to communities that don’t have electricity. Read more here>>

Researchers have a developed an ultra-white paint that is incredibly reflective. So, if you painted a whole building with it could reduce the need for air conditioning.  Read more here>>

The Sony World Photography Awards have revealed their professional winners and overall winner of the year. Check out the amazing photos here>>

Amazon has a launched a hair salon that uses an AR colour bar to allow you to virtually try on different hair colours. Read more here>>

Physicists in the Netherlands have created a network using quantum processors. Find out why this is a big deal here>>