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The Week in Good News (12/07)

16th July

Posted by Kiran Momi

Jumper made of rubbish anyone? Vollebak, a company that makes ground-breaking clothing, has designed a jumper made from materials that are almost impossible to recycle. This particular jumper is made from bullet proof vests. Find out more>> 

Amsterdam has just unveiled the world’s first 3D printed bridge. The bridge is loaded with sensors to measure, monitor, and analyse how it handles pedestrian traffic. 3D printing might just be the future of innovative construction. Find out more>> 

Take a look at the Guardian’s series ‘The Week in Wildlife.’ Images include a baby elephant playing in a waterhole and even a newborn beaver that’s been named after Marcus Rashford. Find out more>> 

Kriya Therapeutics, a biotech center based in Silicon Valley, has raised over $100 million to bring gene therapies to huge numbers of people. The aim of the organisation is to make gene therapies more affordable and accessible. Find out more>> 

LEGO has launched an eco-alternative to their miniature plastic bricks. The newest prototype block is fabricated from PET plastic from old bottles. Maybe you’ll find yourself playing with some recycled LEGO soon. Find out more>> 

US researchers have developed a neuroprosthetic device that translated the brain waves of a paralysed man into entire sentences. The new tech could be groundbreaking for countless people who lose the ability to speak. Find out more>> 

For only the second time, a Refugee Olympic Team will be assembled in Tokyo 2020. The athletes include Yusra Mardini, who grew up near the Syrian capital Damascus, and Dina Pouryounes Langeroudi, who fled Iran. The team hope to be a symbol of hope for refugees globally. Find out more>>