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The Week in Good News (05/07)

9th July

Posted by Kiran Momi

Could your dog be a genius? New research has found that some dogs might just have superior intellect, with the vast majority of the gifted dogs being Border Collies. Take a look at the Genius Dog Challenge Find out more>> 

The urban planning firm SOM, are designing a Moon Village  a concept for a settlement on the moon made up of inflatable modules. The modules would be compressed and transported to the moon via a rocket, where they‘d then be expanded to full size. Find out more>> 

Botanic gardens in Scotland have helped to discover a number of new plant species over lockdown. And, the teams have continued to identify one new plant a week. Have a flick through some photos of the newfound flourishing biodiversity. Find out more>> 

A student from Loughborough University has developed a device that can be used to rapidly stop bleeding from stab wounds. The product targets areas that are hard to reach, and could go on to be a game changer for first responders. Find out more>> 

Humans are being able to travel further and further into space. By using CRISPR gene editing, researchers have been able to find out how DNA can repair itself during space travel. Find out more>> 

Take a look at Design Weeks’ series called Meet the Graduates. This week, they’re talking to Biodesign postgraduate from Central Saint Martins. His final project is Phyto Printing, which is the process of surfaces being coated with phytoplankton and then illuminated with an imageFind out more>> 

For the first time in men’s football, England has reached the European Championship finals. There’s a real sense of redemption for Gareth Southgate, after he missed a penalty in the semi-finals against Germany in 1996. Well Gareth, it’s coming home. Find out more>>