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8th April Discovery Day

8th April


About the event

On Wednesday 8th April we’ll be running an LIS Discovery Day with Carl Gombrich (former Professor of Interdisciplinary Education, UCL), Ed Fidoe (Co-Founder, LIS & School 21), Dr Michael Englard (Co-Founder, Causeway Education & Former Director of Studies, University of Cambridge), Hannah Kohler (Head of Student Experience and Admissions), and Marielle van der Meer (Head of Partnerships). We’ll also have talks from industry experts and leading entrepreneurs.

The day will focus on a topical global challenge which continues to dominate news headlines and shape political agendas worldwide such as plastics, fast fashion, or animal conservation. During the course of the day, you will: work with our partner organisations and academic experts; gain an insight into our interdisciplinary style of teaching and; have the chance to ask the LIS team any questions you may have.

The Discovery Day is aimed primarily at year 12/13 students who are currently exploring their undergraduate options at university. Spaces are limited.

Event location

X + Why 20-30 Whitechapel Road London E1 1EW
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