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About LIS

Why we’re here

Global events show that the world is complex. Leaders in politics, business and academia need knowledge that spans beyond the siloed nature of our current higher education system. We're building a brand new university that will give students the knowledge and skills needed to address social and global problems in an increasingly interconnected world.

Complex problems

The problems facing humanity are more complex, interconnected and urgent than ever before. The modern workplace needs people who can tackle these kinds of issues and make a real impact on the world. The current university system can’t evolve quickly enough. We need a new solution.

World of work

A team of polymaths

We place a premium on teaching. We've brought together a diverse and outstanding group of academics, entrepreneurs and educationalists. The LIS team includes philosophers, epidemiologists, artists, journalists, behavioural scientists, and mathematicians, as well as entrepreneurs and professionals.

LIS students and teachers


The magic of collective intelligence is the key to unlocking interdisciplinarity. The sharing of mental models from across boundaries of expertise can create new and relevant modes of understanding and experiencing the world. Interdisciplinarians join forces to achieve more together than disconnected minds can do on their own. The future is interdisciplinary (ID). You will be at the forefront of the ID movement - challenging what is possible, being able to cut across disciplinary boundaries, make new connections and find new solutions.

Education for the future

The workplace of tomorrow will look totally different and demand more of an individual than ever before. To be at the forefront of this movement, individuals will need to be balanced, entrepreneurial and remain resilient in a fast-paced and constantly changing world. At the heart of LIS, we’re building a university designed to give our students the knowledge and skills they’ll need to enter this modern workplace. This is your chance. Take the lead. And make your impact on the issues that matter to you.

Undergraduate Degree
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Our Values

01 / 05

Be kind

above all else, be kind

Be brave

Speak up, take brave decisions, push yourself outside your comfort zone

Be honest

Be transparent, tell the truth, have integrity

Keep learning

Never stop learning; continually evolve and update your understanding

Welcome difference

Actively seek different and conflicting perspectives on a problem, and on life; encourage and support diversity in the staff and student body

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A shared vision

LIS works with outstanding academics, industry experts and entrepreneurs in a range of fields who all see the need for this new type of further education in our society.

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