Tackling humanity’s most complex problems

The need for change

Admissions Information

Not much is certain for the future of work. But the organisations that will be most successful will be those that tackle the most pressing problems. They’ll need the brightest minds to do this.

The problems we face are complex. They don’t respect disciplinary boundaries. We need leaders who can think beyond the limits of traditional subjects, make new connections and find new solutions.

Our approach is explicitly designed to prepare you with the knowledge, tools and experiences that you’ll need.

Our Approach

Always interdisciplinary

You’ll be equipped with a breadth of fundamental concepts and methods, from anthropology and history, to physics, statistics, and design. Our problem-based approach ties these strands together.

Theory and action

Theory is powerful, but you’ll also be able to get stuff done. We’ll create contexts for you to apply new methods, have the freedom to fail and go again, work in a team and learn how to motivate others.

Powerful networks

We believe in the power of networks and want to help you build your own. Networks of knowledge, employers, role models and, of course, within your own cohort.

A shared vision

LIS is a collaboration between industry experts, top academics, and entrepreneurs.

  • "We want the world’s best problem solvers, so they can help our clients. As a result, we are very excited about LIS’s new approach, which puts problem-solving at the heart of learning."

  • "LIS has designed a transformational degree for the next generation of entrepreneurs. It has never been a better time to start a startup."

  • “LIS is a radical innovation in HE – a welcome disruptor that fundamentally rethinks what higher education for the 21st century should look like. I’m excited to see LIS change the university landscape.”

Things are developing quickly at LIS, stay tuned for further updates