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Meet the team

LIS is building a new university that prepares students to tackle the most important and complex problems.

A Shared vision

The LIS team are a unique combination of leading academics; entrepreneurs who have built transformational businesses; and educationalists who have deep expertise in the science of learning, and experience of establishing new institutions.

LIS and its interdisciplinary programme is a product of these powerful collaborations.

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Our Purpose

As a society, we face challenges that are complex, multifaceted, and require urgent action.

We don't know what the world of work will look like in 2050 but we do know that we will need brilliant problem-solvers who can tackle these issues in new ways. We will teach our students the knowledge, skills, and frameworks they need to create the change they want to see.

Building the right team

LIS - Ed Fidoe, Co-founder

The course is not the only thing that’s interdisciplinary at the team!

Ed Fidoe, LIS Co-Founder

LIS - Carl Gombrich, Lead Academic

Carl Gombrich

Academic Lead.

Carl (former UCL professor) leads on curriculum design, teaching, and learning.

Carl was a professor of Interdisciplinary Education at UCL and is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

LIS - Ed Fidoe, Co-founder

Ed Fidoe


Ed co-founded School 21 and Edspace after leaving McKinsey.

Ed has advised several education institutions including Cambridge University, LSE, and Teach First. Serves as a board trustee for Ashoka UK.

LIS - Chris Persson, Co-founder

Chris Persson


Co-founded several digital start-ups including Bookatable. Prior to this, Chris worked in Executive Education. An Advisory Board Member at youth charity Big Change, a mentor at Seedcamp and Singularity University SU Labs, and part of the Founders Network.

LIS - Andrew Mullinger, Co-founder

Andrew Mullinger


Board Trustee at Big Education MAT and co-founder of Funding Circle.

LIS - Plum Turner, Head of Marketing

Plum Turner

Head of Marketing.

Co-founded Two Degrees (e-commerce shoe business) and member of the founding team that launched Oppo Brother's, the healthy dessert company.

LIS - Jasper Joyce, Head of Strategy and Operations

Jasper Joyce

Head of Strategy and Operations.

Former strategy consultant - supported a range of social impact organisations, including leading Universities.

LIS - Hannah Kohler, Head of Student Experience

Hannah Kohler

Head of Student Experience.

Award-winning author of The Outside Lands. Formerly at Channel 4, Hannah worked in television for several years and prior to this was at McKinsey.

Dr Michael Englard

Dr Michael Englard

Head of Programmes and Outreach.

Following a longstanding interest in Access and Widening Participation, Michael co-founded Causeway Education. Michael also served as a Director of Studies at The University of Cambridge.

LIS - Tim Davey, Curriculum Lead

Tim Davey

Curriculum Lead.

Co-Founded his first venture-backed business at the age of 19 and one of youngest founders ever accepted into the y-combinator programme. Tim co-founded onefinestay and is on the Big Change board.

LIS - Daisy Christodoulou, Curriculum Advisor

Daisy Christodoulou

Curriculum Advisor.

Director of Education at No More Marking. Prior to this Daisy was head of education research at Ark. In 2017, Daisy was named by Anthony Seldon as one of 'The 20 most influential figures in British Education.'