For those who want to shape the world, not just fit in.

LIS is building a new university that prepares students to tackle the most important and complex problems.

Solving real-world problems

Today’s problems are more interconnected, complex and urgent than ever before.

At LIS, we're building a university that will give students the skills to go and tackle some of the most complex problems that we face in the world.

Problem Examples

Real world problems don’t respect boundaries of subject or industry. Our interdisciplinary approach teaches you the most fundamental theories and models from across the arts and sciences, and then empowers you to make new connections and find new solutions.

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Mosquito gene drive to fight malaria

With around 430,000 deaths annually, nearly half the world’s population is at risk of contracting malaria. New CRISPR technology enables us to edit the genes of mosquitoes to eliminate the species that carries malaria, but at what cost?

Under what conditions should the World Health Organisation consider running a trial?


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Personalised, paid work placements

As an LIS student, you will be given personalised, paid work placements at some of the UK’s most prestigious employers and exciting start-ups.

Real jobs, real value.

This isn’t a regular internship. You’ll help these organisations improve their positive impact on society. You’ll build a network across a range of sectors, develop an idea of where you want to focus and get paid while doing it. Our first five partners are Virgin, McKinsey, Innocent, Funding Circle and the Met Police. We’ll be announcing more soon.

Learn more about placements
  • A radical new approach to education

    “It’s great to finally see a dedicated school in the UK for a modern interdisciplinary education.”

  • A radical new approach to education

    “LIS is a radical innovation in HE – a welcome disruptor that fundamentally rethinks what higher education for the 21st century should look like. I’m excited to see LIS change the university landscape.”

  • A radical new approach to education

    “Knife crime is an urgent, complex problem for the MET. I can’t wait to work with students at LIS, using their methodology to help us tackle it.”

Things are developing quickly at LIS, stay tuned for further updates